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Knowing who you work with is important because a working relationship is no different than a friendship; you need to know and understand the lawyer you are putting your trust in. To help further our working relationship, I want to tell you more about myself and Marshall Law, P.A.

About Me

Before becoming an attorney, I spent 7 years in the insurance and financial services industry. I became frustrated with the fact my “client” was not the person I was selling insurance or financial services to but was instead the company for which I worked. I decided to become a lawyer because the client – the person I represent – is the one to whom I owe my loyalty.

From the moment I entered law school I knew I wanted to practice estate planning and related areas of law because they were directly related to my prior work experience; meaning I would have a unique insight many other attorneys would not have. Following graduation from law school I moved to Florida because I knew the number of people moving here in their retirement years would provide the greatest and most diverse market in which to begin my legal career. Over the years, Florida has become more than just a place to do business – it has become my home and my favorite place to be.

My Family

I love Florida for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact I met my wife here. Patti grew up on Singer Island near Palm Beach Shores. While I was raised in Ohio where the sun shines sporadically and I spent most of my winters indoors, Patti grew up on the beach enjoying nearly year-round sun, sea and other activities I could only dream about. Patti’s love of Florida has definitely rubbed off on me as we both are incredibly happy to live here and regularly partake of all the activities – some touristy while others are less well known – Florida has to offer.

Activities We Enjoy

Patti and I both love lighthouses and are currently working our way around Florida visiting all the lighthouses in our state. While Patti’s favorite lighthouse is in Jupiter, mine is in St. Augustine. We also enjoy visiting various museums (our favorite being the Dali Museum in Tampa) and historic sites, our favorites being Our Lady of La Leche in St. Augustine and Bok Tower in Lake Wales. When the tourist season winds down you can find us paddleboarding the Weeki Wachee river where we enjoy seeing manatees and other animals in their native environment. One of my personal favorite activities is watching rockets take off from Cape Canaveral; while I will occasionally go to the Cape to view rockets close up, oftentimes I will step into my back yard and watch rocket launches from there.

Home Life

But no matter what activities there are to do, not all perks of living in Florida take place outside the home. Patti and I can often be found working on home projects, such as gardening, painting, and doing our own yardwork (why pay someone else to have all the fun). Our favorite thing to do is simply sit on the back porch and enjoy the evening sun out over the water behind our home. Nothing, however, brings us more joy than playing with our dogs in the back yard; you can find pictures of Lulu, Katniss, Patron and Ivanka below.

In summation, life in Florida is a lot of fun and I cannot imagine living anywhere else. Consequently, I believe being happy where I live makes my work better and I hope you see that joy in the work I do for you.

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