About Me

Hello, and thank you for visiting Marshall Law, P.A.!

Knowing who you work with is important because a working relationship is no different than a friendship; you need to know and understand the lawyer you are putting your trust in.  To help further our working relationship I want to tell you more about myself and Marshall Law, P.A.

About Me

From the moment I entered law school I knew I wanted to practice estate planning law.  Therefore, I moved to Florida because I believed the high number of retirees living and moving here afforded the best opportunity for me to practice estate planning law.  That is to say, I moved to Florida for purely business reasons.  However, Florida has become more than just a good place to practice law – it is my home.

My Immediate Family

First and foremost, I love Florida because I met my wife (Patti) here.  Patti grew up on Singer Island near Palm Beach Shores, Florida.  I was raised in Ohio where the sun shines sporadically throughout the year, and most assuredly only rarely during the winter.  On the other hand, Patti grew up in Florida experiencing year-round sun, sea and activities I could only dream about.  Patti is, above all else, a wonderful lady who makes me a better person.  Because of her love it was easy for me to become as infatuated with living in Florida as she was.     

Activities We Enjoy

Living in central-Florida certainly has its perks.  As a result, Patti and I are able to regularly participate in activities we both enjoy.  For example, we enjoy outdoor activities like biking or rollerblading, fishing and paddle boarding.  In addition, we are also able to take day trips visiting Florida’s lighthouses, picnics at Bok Tower, visiting Kennedy Space Center for rocket launches, etc.  In short, there’s a lot to see and do not too far from our home.

Home Life

But no matter what activities there are to do, not all perks of living in central-Florida take place outside the home.  Patti and I often take advantage of Florida’s wonderful environment to address home projects, For example, it is not uncommon to find Patti and I planting flowers, pruning trees, painting, or other household chores that strike our fancy.  Certainly, one of our favorite things to do is sit on the back porch and enjoy the evening sun.  Above all, what brings us the most joy at home is playing with our dogs in the back yard.  You will find pictures of Lulu, Katniss, Patron and Ivanka below.

To sum up, I will unquestionably say life in central-Florida is a lot of fun and I cannot envision living anywhere else.  Consequently, as a result of enjoying where I live, I honestly believe my work is better as a result.  I hope you see that joy in the work I do for you because I want you to see and experience the same joy I have living here in central-Florida.

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