Trust Beneficiary Intake Form

The intake form presented below is intended to collect information on beneficiaries of the Trust you are tasked with administering.

Please complete the form in it’s entirety.  If you have any questions regarding the information requested then contact us either by phone or email.

Please note that you must click on the “I’m not a robot” button and verify it is checked before clicking on “Submit”.  Otherwise the information you entered will not be transmitted to Marshall Law, P.A. 

After successfully submitting the information for one beneficiary, reset the page by clicking on the “Reset Intake Form” button shown to the right of this column.

The Beneficiary Intake Form is used to collect infromation for each beneficiary of the Trust.  You must input the information for each beneficiary individually.  Once you have input a beneficiary’s information, click the button below to relaunch this page and complete the intake form for the next beneficiary.  Once you have put in every beneficiary’s information you can close this page.

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