Why Choose Marshall Law?

I love being an attorney.  Why?  Because each new client and case presents me with a puzzle having its own unique issues I must solve.  Most attorneys feel this way, so what sets me and Marshall Law, P.A. apart?

I believe in a client-centered approach to practicing law.  Here are three main factors I think make a client-centered law practice a good fit for you:


Most attorneys want to resolve cases quickly just to move onto the next billable case.  I call this “churn and burn”.  Hence, attorneys avoid “interruptions” by leaving clients in the dark as to what is happening with their case.  As a result clients are unhappy because they do not understand what the attorney is doing and how the client’s objectives will be achieved.

I believe attorneys must be educators.  Above all else, attorneys must ensure clients know what is going on and why.  This could mean spending additional time talking with clients, writing a few more emails or letters, etc.  Regardless, it is the client’s case and they are entitled to know what is being done, how actions taken will affect their case, etc.  Ultimately, when attorneys take the time to educate clients, clients will be happier with the results.  A satisfied client should be the goal of every attorney.

Customer Tailored Plans.

Many attorneys believe in a “one-size fits all” approach to estate planning.  An attorney who takes this approach gives each of their clients a “prepackaged” estate plan.  As a result, the estate plan a client receives does not reflect their unique family and circumstances.  This same issue occurs with probate and guardianship cases, trust administration matters and other area of law.

I believe no two clients are the same.  Therefore, I take a client-centered approach that respects each client’s uniqueness and thereafter construct a plan specific to the issues a client faces.  I take this same approach to each and every legal matter I am hired to address.  In the end, I produce a custom tailored solution that will meet my clients’ needs and desires.

Clients are not “Transactions”.

Most attorneys view clients as transactions.  Meaning, the attorney performs the work they were hired to perform and then promptly forgets about the client when the matter is closed.  Thereafter, clients are not informed when a new law or case changes the outcome of the estate plan the client hired the attorney to prepare.  This is especially problematic with estate plans.

Prior clients deserves as much consideration as current clients.  Therefore, I strive to keep all my clients, both current and former, aware of changes in the law that may affect their estate plans.  For example, in 2011 following the Florida Legislature’s passage of The Power of Attorney Act,  I notified my clients that their existing Powers of Attorney needed to be updated to reflect the new law. I continue this practice to this day.


In conclusion, I believe in a client-centered law practice.  In other words, I take the time to educate my clients, utilize custom tailored plans to address each clients’ unique needs, and keep my clients up to date on an ever-changing legal landscape.  I am confident you will be happy with what I can do for you, and welcome the opportunity to address your specific legal need.

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